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Top 10 e-commerce delivery best practices


In order to elevate the e-commerce delivery experience, forward-thinking manufacturers must keep in mind these top 10 e-commerce delivery best practices:

● Provide clear information about shipping rates, delivery estimates by region, your shipping and returns policy.

● Shipping rates should be upfront and accessible to all website visitors. In other words, don’t make website visitors log into a specific section or purchase an item to get shipping rates.

● Feature shipping information on every specific product page.

● Provide a quick link to your shipping page via customers’ shopping carts.

● Make money off of your products—not shipping.

● Offer free shipping to an easily attainable level above your average order value.

● Speed is crucial in the e-commerce game: make next-business-day shipments the norm. Ship express orders the same day as they are received.

● Provide tracking numbers to customers to offload support staff and minimize emails and calls.

● Address inaccurate, delayed and lost shipments promptly. Show customers you have a handle on the situation and make remedying the problem seamless for them.

● Remain innovative and constantly look for new ways to improve the e-commerce delivery experience.

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