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Optimize your fleet capacity and stay ahead of the competition

ClearDestination is a complete logistics solution for today’s carriers that are looking to increase fleet efficiency, slash costs and delivering performance levels clients and end customers have come to expect.

Keep your delivery business running like a well-oiled machine

In a post-pandemic world, carriers are facing relentless pressure to keep up with client demand and ensure consistent capacity for on-time pickup and delivery. And fuel costs and a lack of staff are exacerbating the problem even more.

ClearDestination provides real-time information so that you can manage your fleet more effectively and ensure orders are received on time, no matter what types of products you deliver:

Furniture / Appliances


Fitness equipment

and much more…

ClearDestination X Power BI for carriers

Easily access the data, reports and analytics you need to take your last-mile delivery logistics to a whole new level. Here are just some of the results you can achieve with ClearDestination’s Power BI integration!

• Assess driver punctuality and customer satisfaction

• Drill down on driver/route/zone performance levels to maximize reliability, eliminate inefficiencies, and slash costs

• Access comprehensive, updated reports to support contract negotiations, scope and pricing

ClearDestination’s delivery solution for carriers gives both last mile home delivery carriers and freight carriers the tools they need to measure and increase their performance. Within just a few clicks, you can optimize your fleet’s performance based on delivery windows, assigned territories, traffic and weather conditions, types of deliveries and so much more.

With real-time access to information, carriers can monitor their fleets no matter where they are and take faster decisions to mitigate the impact on their SLAs and end customers. What’s more, with smart scheduling and visibility into their fleets, each vehicle can be more effectively loaded and assigned routes to get deliveries carried out faster.

ClearDestination allows you maximize your delivery capacity by:

  • Consolidating and co-mingle deliveries based on partners, types of products, delivery locations and more
  • Increasing or decreasing the speed of each delivery team based on delivery windows and timelines
  • Reducing the mileage per stop, speed up deliveries to high-rise buildings, schedule the right delivery team for the right routes
With its delivery solution for carriers, ClearDestination can significantly help to cut the costs associated with rising fuel prices, greenhouse emissions, repeated and inefficient truck rolls, missed SLAs, and a wide variety of other profit-gouging factors.

By offering a stellar delivery service, from the first to the mid to the last mile, and offering a great customer experience for end customer orders, carriers can maintain and increase their market share.

ClearDestination streamlines carriers’ planning and execution to enable them to take on more orders and grow their businesses:

  • Track and trace how all orders are delivered to pinpoint inefficiencies and take corrective measures
  • Facilitate communications throughout the entire fleet to minimize costly errors and delays
  • Improve delivery team productivity thanks to a structured, automated process that takes the guesswork out of fleet planning and monitoring
ClearDestination’s delivery solution eliminates any friction with hard-to-recruit and hard-to-retain delivery personnel by giving carriers the means balance workloads across drivers and sub-contracts so that they all can earn a decent living and remain loyal to your fleet.

The next generation of delivery personnel are looking to work for carriers that are equipped with the latest technology to make their day-to-day work less of a hassle. Eliminate needless back and forths with your teams on the road by giving the information they need to get their jobs done right the first time.

ClearDestination allows you to elevate the experience for your delivery staff so that you can:

  • Give them the earnings they expect
  • Better manage the attribution and complexity of deliveries between in-house personnel and third-party delivery teams
  • Automate billings so that you can pay your staff and subcontractors faster

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