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Item management

Track any item. Anytime. Anywhere.

ClearDestination’s item management system allows you to efficiently manage your entire inventory as well as gain real-time visibility and traceability on all items: who has handled each product or order and its status in the supply chain. It also allows you to:

  • Completely manage product picking, shipping, cross-docking and receiving
  • Manage warehouse locations and sub-locations
  • Flag products that enter into your warehouse that have no identification or accompanying documentation
  • Take pictures to document the condition of merchandise
  • Connect your warehouse management system to the routing module for staging and cross-docking
  • Track items at any location, whether at the first, mid or last mile—and everything in between


Increase warehouse efficiency

Guarantee end-to-end traceability for legal and insurance purposes

Take pictures to document the condition of merchandise

Ensure better control of your inventory throughout your multi-layer delivery network that is in constant movement and spread out through multiple locations

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