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Reverse logistics software

Reverse the tide with dissatisfied customers.

ClearDestination’s reverse logistics solutions help you to save the tons of money wasted handling problems that occur at delivery (ex: exchanges or returns, damaged goods etc.). ClearDestination allows stakeholders to make immediate decisions and empower delivery teams to take the right course of action to minimize expenses and rectify issues as cost-consciously as possible.

  • Define rules by vendor and retailer (condition of goods, customized frequency of transportation, etc.) for returning damaged or incorrect orders
  • Be immediately alerted should the conditions of goods change during any step of the delivery process
  • Consolidate returns to ship back goods to their origins based on optimized routes and transit times
  • Document the condition of goods at all times (pictures, accompanying documents, etc.)
  • Completely customizable


Ensure total traceability and visibility throughout the entire supply chain network

Accelerate the returns process

Proactively make decisions to minimize customer impact

Quickly identify flaws and inefficiencies in the delivery supply chain and make corrective measures

Keep working only with the right delivery partners

More effectively manage inventory levels

Dispose of damaged articles in a more efficient and eco-friendly manner

Can be sold at points of purchase or online to give merchandise a second life

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