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Delivery management & scheduling software

Make time work for you—not against you.

ClearDestination’s delivery management and scheduling software allows you to efficiently manage all deliveries from a single, easy-to-use platform. Manufacturers, retailers, carriers and even customers themselves can book delivery dates and windows.

Smart scheduling features ensure clustered and optimized deliveries in just a few clicks. You can schedule deliveries based on a wide array of critical parameters, including:

  • Population density (urban and remote locations)
  • Availability (product, service time per product, vehicle type and capacity, delivery personnel and customers), predictive traffic analytics, patterns of delivery crews, assigned territories and location, etc.
  • Synchronized delivery windows that respect with high-rise building authorizations
  • Module can be integrated within any e-commerce website, in-store booking application or customer portal that is accessible via a email hyperlink
  • Can display the availability of SKUs located at retailers closest to customers


Give customers more options regarding delivery dates and times so that they feel in control
Offer real-time access to delivery information to all stakeholders so that they know exactly where their orders are at any given time
Optimize delivery scheduling to reduce operational costs, including inefficient truck rolls, ineffective workload imbalances, fuel costs, etc.
Maximizes consolidation throughout the entire value chain (first, mid and last mile)

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