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Gain complete control over your interconnected supply network with ClearDestination’s first mile logistics solution. ClearDestination is a innovative, mobile end-to-end first mile logistics solution that breaks down the silos between manufacturers, retailers and carriers so that any delivery—from the first to mid to last mile—can be optimized and monitored no matter where it is or where it is going.

Complex delivery processes—simplified.

Easy to use and integrated within any company’s current logistics infrastructure, ClearDestination provides real-time information so that deliveries are made on time,
no matter what types of products you offer:

Furniture / Appliances


Fitness equipment

and much more…

ClearDestination allows teams across all businesses to trace inventory in real time. You will always know where items are, including which ones are left to load or unload, are still in a truck or warehouse, have been returned, or were accidently neglected.

What’s more, with ClearDestination’s first mile logistics solution, you can access critical information for accelerated decision making to minimize the impact for end customers,

ClearDestination allows you to more effectively manage first, middle and last mile deliveries while keeping your business goals in check.

  • One, integrated solution that is adapted to your delivery cycle
  • Real-time visibility into deliveries for all stakeholders
  • Access to data and analytics for fast decision making and process improvement


ClearDestination facilitates real-time communication between manufacturers, retailers and carriers so that the first, middle and end miles work seamlessly together, sharing data and making sure that end customers experience flawless delivery service

ClearDestination streamlines processes by embedding efficiency through the integration of typically conflicting systems from the start to the end of a delivery cycle.


  • Automate an entirely interconnected, multi-layer supply chain
  • Track and trace all items, employees, vehicles and tasks associated with an order
  • Optimize communications throughout the supply chain

ClearDestination’s first mile logistics software cuts the friction out by giving end customers the tools they need to set up, schedule and monitor their own deliveries in a snap. They can enjoy their experience with you according to their terms.

With features to send out post-delivery surveys to end customers and backend analytics, you can create second-to-none customer experiences—from shopping to shipping and beyond—and edge your business away from the competition.

ClearDestination helps you elevate customer experience to the next level by cutting the friction out of making a purchase for large or specialized items.

  • Deliver items within narrow timeframes
  • Customers set up and access delivery details
  • Run automatic surveys to improve your services

Manufacturers today need to up their delivery game. Are you in?
Then take a look a ClearDestination

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