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The ClearDestination from the first mile to the last mile—and everything in between.
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Metro Supply Chain Group acquires ClearDestination.
ClearDestination announces Microsoft Power BI integration.

With ClearDestination, you’re on the road to more efficient, cost-effective deliveries.

ClearDestination is an innovative, cloud-based end-to-end delivery management solution that breaks down the silos and cogs in the fulfillment process so that any delivery—from the first to the mid to the last mile can be optimized and monitored no matter where it is or where it is going. ClearDestination is adapted to the needs of every stakeholder in the product delivery value chain. Whether you’re a manufacturer, retailer or carrier, ClearDestination is your go-to delivery management solution to gain total visibility and control over your interconnected supply chain, streamline operations and delight customers over and over again.
Streamline communications
Your interconnected, multi-layer delivery chain
ClearDestination streamlines delivery management processes by embedding efficiency through the integration of typically conflicting systems from the start to the end of a delivery cycle.

“Impacted by supply chain challenges, stakeholders in the logistics sector must embrace modern technology platforms to harness the power of automation as well as real-time data and end-to-end visibility. Deeper insights gleaned from platforms like ClearDestination will undeniably help manufacturers, carriers and retailers alike optimize their logistics process to better meet customer demands and reduce profit-gauging costs.”


Christian Lafrance, CEO

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