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Delivery logistics platform & visibility software

Connect the dots—from A to Z.

ClearDestination allows you to have complete visibility over your entire multi-modal delivery network. Track goods from their starting points anywhere in the world to warehouses, stores and last mile deliveries to consumers’ homes—whether they are shipped by plane, ship, train, truck or any other type of vehicle.

Our delivery logistics platform allows you to completely manage freight movement throughout your transportation network—and right up to the very last mile. 

  • Add or modify transportation networks
  • Create consolidated freight movements
  • Assigned tasks for freight shipment (delivery, pick-up, exchange, return, delivery date and time windows, shipping date)


Gain real-time visibility across your entire delivery network

Improve your supply chain management by giving access to critical information your stakeholders need to effectively get their jobs done

Minimize fraud and theft

Accelerate customer service

With ClearDestination, you’re on the road to more efficient, cost-effective deliveries.

ClearDestination is a delivery software platform developed to boost team collaboration and productivity, improve customer experience, and eliminate the cogs that impact delivery timelines, quality and accuracy.

What’s more, ClearDestination’s powerful modules enable you to collect and analyze mission-critical data that is likely impacting your business. Thanks to comprehensive analytics and reporting, you‘ll know exactly what areas of your delivery processes you need to improve upon to save money, slash inefficiencies and remain ahead in the delivery game.

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