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Route planning & optimization software

Stay on the road to profitability.

ClearDestination’s delivery routing planner is your must-have tool to efficiently plan your last-mile delivery routes. Stop struggling with manually trying to figure out which routes are the most efficient and accelerate your decision making by automating the process with our delivery routing software that takes into account:

  • Traffic conditions (history and predictive analytics
  • Road constructions (optional)
  • Accidents/incidents (optional)
  • Weather conditions (optional)
  • Vehicle type and capacity
  • Delivery sequences in vehicles
  • Reverse logistics to optimize returns
  • Delivery windows + delivery dates
  • Route balancing
  • Optimized vehicle routing based on type and road restrictions for heavy vehicles (weight and height)
  • The need to increase or decrease vehicle speed to respect delivery windows


Reduce time-consuming back-and-forth with delivery personnel

Decrease fuel costs

Respect SLAs (service line agreements)

Maximize the consolidation of different clients in the same vehicle to reduce distances and stops

Get orders delivered on time

Reduce greenhouse emissions

Increase productivity throughout the entire delivery process

With ClearDestination, you’re on the road to more efficient, cost-effective deliveries.

ClearDestination is a delivery software platform developed to boost team collaboration and productivity, improve customer experience, and eliminate the cogs that impact delivery timelines, quality and accuracy.

What’s more, ClearDestination’s powerful modules enable you to collect and analyze mission-critical data that is likely impacting your business. Thanks to comprehensive analytics and reporting, you‘ll know exactly what areas of your delivery processes you need to improve upon to save money, slash inefficiencies and remain ahead in the delivery game.

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