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Before selecting the appropriate solution, it is important to consider the four pillars of logistics visibility: Scheduling, Traceability, Communications & Reporting.

The four pillars of logistics visibility

True logistics visibility can only be achieved with a service-based solution that bridges gaps between different teams, different organizations, and different handoffs and touchpoints to provide a real-time holistic picture of the entire logistics value stream.


Schedule deliveries from manufacturers (first mile) to consolidation centres (mid mile) and to customers via carriers (last mile).


Plan and track deliveries in real time thanks to barcodes or RFID, with complete traceability of items, orders, transportation mode, tasks per handoff, resources that process each handoff, etc. Manage exceptions and unplanned disruptions.


Communicate with all stakeholders in the logistics ecosystem (order confirmations, order transit status, ETAs, post-delivery surveys, etc.) by in-system alerts, texts, voice or email.


Access business-critical KPIs via comprehensive reports, such as on-time deliveries, first-time-right shipments, customer satisfaction, damaged goods, miles/km per stop, and a wealth of other information.

Create a customer-centric delivery experience based on customers’ needs and complete transparency.

This ebook, Your Practical Roadmap to Achieving Better Logistics Visibility, provides a clear practical roadmap for forward-thinking manufacturers, retailers and carriers that are looking to achieve end-to-end logistics visibility.